2017 – What a Year

Burlington rescue Squad completed its 71st year of service to the Burlington area and the surrounding communities in 2017. Our year had many new highs for the squad, with the most important being a new high call volume that occurred in July-during the flooding. During the first three days of the flooding, Burlington Rescue had close to 40 calls for 911 emergency help. With the city divided because of the bridges being closed we relied heavily on the crews that assisted from southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Without their help, it would have been much harder on our members. As proud as the members of Burlington Rescue Squad are for responding, we greatly appreciated the assistance given during the flooding-when it was most needed.

Here are just some interesting facts and statistics from Burlington Rescue Squad’s year…

· Burlington Rescue Squad has 26 Full and Associate Members that help run calls 24/7

· There are 11 High School/College students that assist when on breaks

· There are 5 City of Burlington FF/EMTs that will ride with Burlington Rescue

In 2017 we recorded 1540 Emergency 911 calls that we responded to-this is a new high call volume mark for Burlington Rescue Squad. This number is up more than 100 calls/7% increase from 2016. This is up more than 420 calls/25% from just five years ago.

· We had 252 calls dispatched as falls-with or without injuries

· We had 159 calls dispatched that were fire related or fire alarms

· We had 119 calls dispatched for someone feeling ill

· We had 119 calls dispatched for breathing issues/shortness of breath

In 2017, Burlington Rescue Squad had only one month that we did not have over 100 dispatches. In perspective, five years ago we there were eight months that were less than 100 calls.

· We were dispatched 189 times in July-new monthly call volume high

· We were dispatched 155 times in January

· We were dispatched 145 times in June

· We were dispatched 141 times in December

For 2017 Burlington Rescue Squad had 230 multiple calls-this is where we already have one ambulance out and before they are able to return to the station there is another call.

· Burlington Rescue Squad was able to cover 207 of those calls with one of our ambulances

o July saw 43 multiple calls, many of which were during the flooding

§ Burlington Rescue Squad covered 29 of those calls

§ The Task Force that was stationed in the area assisted with 11 calls

§ The remaining 3 calls were covered by other area agencies

· Medix/Paratech or surrounding communities assisted with the remaining 23 calls

Not only does Burlington Rescue Squad respond to 911 calls in the city and township of Burlington, we assist area communities like Rochester, Lyons, Twin Lake, Paris, Lake Geneva, and other areas. Burlington Rescue Squad was dispatched for:

· 1075 calls in the city

· 429 calls in the township

· 10 calls to assist Rochester

· 9 calls to assist Lyons

· 17 calls to other area communities to assist their departments

Burlington Rescue Squad members are proud to help out our community and the surrounding communities. With the members we have, we averaged 5.1 members who responded to calls in 2017-whether on the truck, going directly to the scene, or remaining at the station for the possibility of another call.

· We had 7881 member responses for calls

· Averaging about 1.5 hours per call, the Burlington Rescue Squad members put in over 11,800 hours for 2017

· With calls, meetings, various trainings, and truck checks…squad members donated over 13,900 hours

While these numbers can be staggering for a small volunteer department, we can say Burlington Rescue Squad did not miss a response unless they were already out on a call. Our members are very dedicated to the community, and with being sponsored by the Burlington Rotary Club, this really is Service Above Self.