Burlington Rescue Squad Equipment

930 is a 2009 Peterbilt truck and it is a specialty equipment truck. Its primary purpose is for extrication at a car accident. We have Jaws of Life, cutters and rams that are all run off of hydraulic motors from in the truck. We also have a portable hydraulic pump for extrications that we cannot get to from the roadway. We also have air bags and jacks for quick stabilization of cars if they are unstable and a dangerous working hazard or a hazard to the patient inside the vehicle. 930 also has a generator on board built in for quick portable scene lighting and power on a call. It has a retractable power cord and also a retractable air hose for easy access to a scene that both can reach 300 yards. This truck also carries more than just extrication equipment. On the inside of the truck, we have ice rescue equipment that allows us to go out on the ice to rescue a patient. We have special ice rescue suits, 8 in total, which allows us to float if we would fall through the ice keeping us safe and warm. We have a number of life jackets that are used on all water rescues regardless of ice or open water. We also have ropes and safety lines to keep us safe and have a means of escape from people on shore. We also have rope rescue equipment that can be used for high angle rescue. The ropes and a stokes basket can be lowered to pull a patient to safety. This truck is also used a mobile command post. It has built in on board radios so we can manage any type of scene and keep in contact with anyone on a radio trying to contact us.

931 (pictured on the right) is a 2004 Ford Ambulance. This is our oldest truck and is primarily a backup ambulance. This truck is fully capable of going on any type of run. We carry basic bandages all the way up to IV supplies for any call. We also have basic tools on this truck for any situation we could run into along with a set of turnout gear for quick access to any type of car accident for quick patient contact. 932 (pictured on the left) is a 2009 Chevrolet Ambulance. This is our newest truck and is the front run ambulance. It has the exact same equipment as 931 and is used on every rescue call we have.